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Our booth is a soft-sided booth, as compared to a box style booth.This not only allows us the flexibility to bring the booth disassembled and assemble on-site, but is also a larger booth that fits many people.Photo quality is just as good with one person as it is with a small group. 3-4-5-6 people are all no problem and I have seen as many as 9 people in the booth while still capturing a quality photo!

The photos below are from recent events, To see photo booth at various venues/locations, see our Facebook Album Here


Booth 4 01602

Photo-Booth Setup Requirements

Our portable photo-booth provides a luxury that many others simply can not, accessibility. Many of the larger “box” style booths can not go up stairs or in elevators. Below are some requirements to keep in mind while planning your  photo-booth rental:

An indoor area, sheltered from inclement weather.

A level floor/ground is required. This is typically a non-issue for most events held at a facility.

Our booth is 6’ long, 4’ wide and 6’6” tall. There is also a table setup next to the booth for the printer and if you choose to do a scrapbook. The minimum area that is required for a booth setup is 10’ long, 8’ wide and 7’ high within 50’ of an electrical outlet.

Additional charges may be applied for difficult setups such as an event that requires many flights of stairs, etc. These charges will all be noted early in the booking process, there will be no surprise charges! 2009-2018

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