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What is Instant Uploading?

The Instant Uploading feature is a great way to instantly view, email, download, text or share your photos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! Photos are uploaded to an online gallery (password protected by request) and is a great way to share photos as well as obtaining copies.



How it works:

Instant Uploading is seamless for the client & guest. As each photo is printing it is also being uploaded. A framed flyer is placed next to the printer with simple instructions for the guests. This flyer will include the link, a scannable QR code and the password. Guests visit the web site, enter password (if applicable) and gain access to all photos from event.


What the photo booth needs:

The Instant Uploading feature is dependent on a stable and strong wifi connection. Client must provide us with wifi credentials from the venue prior to event date in order for this feature to work.

Should a venue wifi signal not be available, we can attempt to use our 4g mobile hotspot. Results vary when using the 4g hotspot pending location, weather and available bandwidth. A standard wifi connection is the preferred connection method as they are typicaly more stable than a cellular connection

If a suitable wifi connection can not be established, Instant Uploading can not be utilized and all photos will be uploaded within 24 hours.

Instant Uploading is an included feature and no refund/rebate will be made if Instant Uploading can not be used due to lack of sufficient wifi access. Photos will be uploaded within 24 hours.

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