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What do I need to do?   

Basically, after you book baystatephotobooth for your event, that's it! We will come to your event dressed appropriately, setup, test and monitor the booth during your entire event. We will help your guests, reload supplies (if required, our printer can print 700 photos before requiring reload) and make sure everything is running smooth.


What are the requirements for renting from Baystatephotobooth?          

Our portable photo-booth provides a luxury that many others simply can not, accessibility. Many of the larger “box” style booths can not go up stairs or in elevators. Below are some requirements to keep in mind while planning your  photo-booth rental:

An indoor area, sheltered from inclement weather.

A level floor/ground is required. This is typically a non-issue for most events held at a facility.

Our booth is 6’ long, 4’ wide and 6’6” tall. There is also a table setup next to the booth for the printer and if you choose to do a scrapbook. The minimum area that is required for a booth setup is 10’ long, 8’ wide and 7’ high within 50’ of an electrical outlet.

Additional charges may be applied for difficult setups such as an event that requires many flights of stairs, etc. These charges will all be noted early in the booking process, there will be no surprise charges!


What should I look for in a photo booth?      

Here is a great article from the folks at Click Here and a new window will open with the article.


What type of equipment is used in the booth?         

Our setup includes a Compaq laptop running Windows 7, a Logitech 9000 Pro Camera, Bescor continuous led booth light and our printer is a DNP DS-RX1 Pro Dye-Sublimation printer. This is the same printer used in many camera & photo stores and is often used to make holiday photo-cards. Photos print in just 16 seconds and can print 700 photo before reloading! We have tried many cameras, including Canon & Nikon DSLR’s, standard video camcorders and Sony Pro VX2100 camcorders and have found the 9000 Pro is the best choice for many reasons, but most importantly to our clients, quality photos. Dye Sub is the best type of printing for events and photo booths because the photos print dry to the touch and do not smudge.


What are the layouts & custom graphic/text ?

See our Layouts page for our 3 most popular layouts. Once you have chosen your layout, you can then select a custom logo for the bottom of your photo. See the Custom logo page for samples and idea. Custom Logos must be setup prior to your event at least 2 weeks in advance.


What if 5 guests enter the booth, can we get 5 copies?

At the event, no. We do however have 2 good resources for copies, see our Copies Page here.


What is the Instant Uploading feature?                     

Basically, Instant Uploading allows guests access to their photos within moments of exiting the photo booth. Click Here for full details on our Instant Uploading feature.


What is the Online Gallery?                     

The online gallery is accessible by the Clients Photos link from the main menu and is a password protected folder of all your photos. You simply share the link and your password with your guests and they can view, share and download the photos, all for FREE and NO watermarks. This is especially useful for your guests who would like additional copies of their photos and for sharing. Photos are added to the galleries via the Instant Uploading feature unless no wifi is available. If no wifi is available, all photos will be uploaded within 24 hours of the end time of event.


What is Idle Time?     

Idle time is any time when the booth is on location but not being used. We will show up an hour prior to your event to setup the booth at no charge, however there a few instances when we must charge for idle time. Example 1: Lets say your plan your booth time to begin at 6:00 pm, but since your ceremony is 4:00 and photos/cocktails are 5:00, you would like the booth setup at 3:00 so not to disturb your guests. This would result in 2 hours of idle time. Example 2: Lets say you booked a 4 hour package and wanted the booth to begin at 6:00 pm, then close at 8:00 for dinner, then reopen from 9:00-11:00. This would result in 1 hour of idle time.


Who owns the rights to the digital files?  

You (the renter) own all the rights to the digital files. The photos are typically taken by your guests as a keepsake and all the photos that were taken are put on a CD or DVD. This CD/DVD is mailed to you (the renter) to do with as you wish. We do retain the right to use your photos for promotional purposes on social networking sites and our website. We will only use good, clean, fun photos and photos will be removed upon request.


Do I need to pay for any ink, paper or supplies? 

No, all our packages include unlimited photos. Scrap-booking supplies are provided only with the Scrapbooking Option.


Do you provide props for the photo-booth?  

For sanitary reasons we do not provide props. My theory is: who would want to wear a hat that's been worn a hundred times by strangers. Clients are more than welcome to provide props for their photo-booth. More about props Here.


Can the photo booth be rented for outdoor use?   

Unfortunately, with our unpredictable New England weather, we can not plan an outdoor photo-booth. The strong light of the sun is also a major problem.


Do you remove the booth during our event?       

We will show up and setup the booth one hour prior to the start of your event. This will allow us to setup the booth without disturbing your guests. If your event is longer than the time you booked the photo booth, we can wait out the extra time as "Idle Time" or break down and remove the booth, the choice is yours. Should you decide to have us remove the booth during your event, we will do so as quietly and inconspicuously as possible, but it will certainly be noticeable.


What is the deposit to book our event ?

A $100 deposit is required to book your date. Should you cancel no less than 30 days prior to your event, the deposit will be returned.


My Question is not answered here.         

Please use our Contact page and I will be happy to answer any and all questions. 2009-2018

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