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So, your photobooth is booked and your wondering how guests can get duplicates, below are 2 methods. Inevitably, a small group will enter the photobooth but only 1-2 will get a photo (depending on your layout choice). With the 4X6 photo layout, the printer will print a single 4X6 photo and the 2X6 strip layout will print a pair of 2X6 strips.

Copies To Client:

The hiring client will receive copies of all photos taken at the event in the mail on a CD disc. Only the hiring client will receive these copies. With this method, guests who ask for copies are referred to the hiring client for additional copies. This is the safest method regarding privacy issues as the hiring client can control who gets what.


Password Protected Online Gallery:

The password protected online gallery is a great tool for allowing guests to view, download, print and share the photos, all for free. This is very handy, however bear in mind that all guests can view, download, print and share ALL photos from the event. This works well for events like weddings where privacy concerns are much less critical than perhaps a school event.


You may choose one or both above options for your event, both are included at no charge with all our packages. We also tell your guests who inquire about copies that they can simply go back in the booth and do it again until all in the group has a copy. Unfortunately there is no fast & convenient way to reprint photos during the event.


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